Commitment to materials

By adding unique surface material processing, we provide stylish interiors.



A global general term for board products made of particle board as a base material, with decorative sheets impregnated with melamine resin placed on both the front and back sides of the base material, and then heat-press molded.
Material born in Germany.
It has excellent surface properties such as high chemical resistance, stain resistance, and scratch resistance, and can be used for all kinds of furniture and interior applications.
It also boasts outstanding workability.


High Pressure Laminate
Material born in Germany.
A global general term for sheet-shaped products made by stacking many layers of phenolic resin-impregnated kraft paper, and finally placing a decorative sheet impregnated with melamine resin on the surface, which is then hot-press-molded.
HPL is a material that is resistant to heat, scratches, and shock, and is stain resistant and easy to clean.
It is an extremely hard plastic plate made by laminating and molding multiple layers of resin-impregnated paper impregnated with melamine resin and phenol resin at high temperature and pressure.
It comes in a wide variety of design patterns, and is widely used for furniture, doors, shelves, and counters.


Made of environmental protection materials, European E1 safety standard.
3 coats of primer coat, 2 coats of top coat, quench hardness up to 1.8.
A German-made polisher and edge polisher make the surface of the door panel mirror-smooth and have a high level of color saturation.
Strong antioxidant properties, will not discolor or fade even after a long period of time.

Sintostone (sintered stone)

Sintered stone is made by pressing natural stone through a special process and firing it at a high temperature of over 1200℃.As it is industrially processed, it has a texture similar to natural stone, but the appearance of the same slab is very uniform.
With a Mohs hardness of 6 to 7, it has wear resistance, scratch resistance, and impact resistance, and can even cut vegetables on rock.
It is highly compact, and has excellent waterproof and stain resistant properties.
High stability, durable, no discoloration, no deformation.

Quartz stone

It has a luxurious feel and texture similar to natural stone, yet is easy to handle.
By mixing and processing crushed quartz with artificial materials, it is possible to cover up the flaws of natural stone without sacrificing its luxurious feel and texture.
Hardening with resin eliminates pores on the surface and prevents dirt from penetrating.
(Achieved a water absorption rate of 0.02% or less. 0.15% for granite and 0.09% for marble)
・Because it is made mostly of crystal, it has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale, which is higher than other materials
(*Natural granite is Mohs hardness 6, natural marble is Mohs hardness 3)