Story of Kitchen

story of kitchen

Here we have a kitchen that pursues our own unique preferences.

The kitchen is also said to be the face of your home.
A place to enjoy cooking and a place for family gatherings, the kitchen has a variety of expressions depending on the household.
The kitchen, which is filled with each customer's thoughts and preferences, will be the space where families can bond the most.

The +FINO kitchen that we aim for is one that values ​​each customer's smile and fulfills their ideals as the center of their home
We create relationships between people and the kitchen.

+FINO's concept is "the shape of life that changes depending on the life stage"

Is it a nuclear family or an extended family? Do you have children or not?
Or the children are now independent, and are they a couple or do they live alone?
Is your family able to eat together every day, or are you so busy that you can only eat together on weekends?

Each customer's needs for the kitchen vary depending on their life stage.
You can create a Scandinavian kitchen that is currently trendy with an emphasis on design, or a cafe-style kitchen with a slightly antique feel that will make your home feel like a cafe.
A modern and stylish cool kitchen, families with small children can enjoy cooking while cooking.
An island type kitchen where you can see what your children are doing,
or a simple kitchen that emphasizes functionality and eliminates any unnecessary items
We carefully give form to each customer's wishes and provide them with a kitchen that is uniquely theirs.