Order Process ―Process for ordering―

We provide customers with their ideal +FINO kitchen, fully custom-made to suit each customer's
individual lifestyle.
When providing kitchens, we place the utmost importance on hearing from our customers.
+FINO kitchens are completely made-to-order and manufactured after receiving your order. Everything from size and color to drawer and handle options can be customized.
We take responsibility for delivering the ideal kitchen that is filled with your thoughts and dreams.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or through the inquiry form to discuss your interior design concerns and desired taste.
After confirming the details of the consultation, +FINO staff will visit the customer to discuss their specific needs and provide an estimate.
After confirming the details and signing the contract, we will place your order.

2 months ~

Under the supervision of + FINO staff, the products you order will be installed by reliable installers.

1 week ~