+FINO's manufacturing

We would like to introduce our belief in manufacturing and the thoughts behind the name “+FINO”.

Shape your thoughts and add value to your life

More elegance and quality in your daily life.
Add to your life with +FINO Interior's total coordination.

The shape of life changes with life stages,
All custom-made interiors to fit your lifestyle.
We offer +FINO design spaces that can be fully ordered.

= In addition, plus ”  ” FINO = High quality ” As in,
Due to carefully selected design and material variations,
Elegant total interior brand

We place the utmost importance on hearing from our clients.
We would love to hear a lot about your future and the ideal life you long for.
Kitchens, furniture and carpets are not only designed
Even the layout and living lines.
We work together with our clients to develop an image.
Everything from size, color, and type of material to the shape and type of parts can be customized.

Modern and stylish style
Urban minimalist simple style
Natural Scandinavian style
Vintage industrial style
Elegant classical style
We can accommodate interiors of various tastes.

We give shape to the ideal living space filled with our customers' dreams and aspirations,
We add to our customers' lives by making them richer and happier.