「 What is +FINO HOME CAFE? 」

This space was created with +FINO furniture based on the concept of ``Would you like to spend a blissful time in a showroom space with high-quality furniture?''

Soft sofas and spacious dining room.
A kitchen island that I've always wanted to try.
Enjoy a variety of new waffles while surrounded by such high-quality furniture.

We will provide you with a time that will make you want to come back again.

「 Total coordination 」

「+FINO」 allows total coordination at home or at a store.
We would like to introduce how the sophisticatedly designed furniture is actually used at 「+FINO HOME CAFE」.


A seat near the entrance featuring a comfortable sofa. From a wide range of accessories, you can choose and mix and match the ones that suit your lifestyle.


A relaxing place with an impressive small wine cellar. The center of the table part is foldable, so be sure to check it out when you visit.


+FINO HOME CAFE's only counter seat. The use of stone for the walls creates a sense of luxury. In addition to stone, we also handle a variety of other materials.


It has a sunken kotatsu style, which is rare for a cafe. When not using it as a table, the table part can be lowered flat and used as a sofa or bed.


A seat that looks like the living room of a model room. The biggest sofa in the store will envelop you. The backrest part can be freely adjusted to fit your body.